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New Board of Directors 2024

The Annual General Meeting of ISA Hong Kong Chapter was successfully held on 19th December 2023 with new board members elected. The Board of Directors and Officers who commence serving the Chapter with immediate effect going into 2024 are listed below:-


So On Man, Cammy  Immediate Past President

Ng Yu Hin, Hincent

Vice President Chan She Woon, Oric

Board Members Ho Kwong

Hui Chi Shun, Charles

Hui On Shun, Antony

Kong Lok Yi, Trazy

Man Suet Ling, Serena

James Ian Robinson

Tse Wai, Wind

Tsim Yuen Ting, Jessica

Wu Oi Man, Leo


To be elected by Board


Hui On Shun, Antony

Warm welcome to all new Board Members! Nomination and Elections Committee 2023

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