Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground) Technician Assessment

New arrangement:

With the introduction of the “Registration Scheme for Tree Management Personnel” by the Development Bureau, from 1 August 2022, the QCPT qualification will be valid for at least 5 years from the first issuance. After 5 years from the first issuance of the qualification, the qualification will only be valid for the holder who possesses continuous relevant in-service record (minimum of 2.5 years relevant in-service records in the immediate past 5 years)



為配合發展局推出之樹木管理人員註冊制度,由2022年8月1日起,電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師(QCPT)資歷於首次簽發日期起至少五年內有效。首發日期起計5年後,資歷持有人須持續具備相關工作記錄(5 年內具備至少 2.5 年相關工作記錄),其資歷方為有效。

Chainsaw is one of the hand-held power tools with the highest risk. Chainsaws, especially gasoline-powered chainsaws, has been widely used by the Hong Kong tree industry on a daily basis, from tree fellingto pruning. Currently there is little regulations on the safe use of chainsaws for the arboricultural industry, but it is necessary for all chainsaw operators to possess sufficient safety awareness and skilled workmanship to meet the professional standards (e.g. pruning) and to keep tree work accidents to the minimal.

The ISAHK qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground) Technician (QCPT thereafter) Programme is designed to assess and standardize the basic proficiency level required for on-ground chainsaw operation for the industry. The Programme also facilitates clients (e.g. the Government) to appoint qualified practitioners in their contracts. Programme. ISAHK has submitted the required documents to the Tree Management Office(TMO) and the QCPT Programme has been approved as per the TMO’s written reply on 30 March2015, that "workers who have successfully passed the QCPT assessment would be able to comply with the new requirement in pruning works as detailed in our letter dated 17 December 2014”. Officers from TMO has also inspector assessment on-site.
Reference: https://www.greening.gov.hk/en/resource-centre/relevant-organisations-qualification-and-training/index.html


The QCPT Programme consists of written and practical assessments that assess a candidate’s experience in basic chainsaw usage, pruning techniques, and safety awareness in the work process. In view of a large number of existing workers who have already received training or possessed certain years of experience in chainsaw operation, at the launching of the QCPT Programme, workers who meet the candidate pre-requisites can directly enter the assessment tests without attending the refreshment training class. But they are required to sufficiently demonstrate their mastery of skills and safe work practices to the Programme’s defined standards in the assigned tasks during the assessment.

The practical assessments have been designed to simulate real work scenarios of tree workers, rather than focusing on their ability to follow a prescribed testing procedure. 

The development of QCPT Programme has gone through lengthy preparation with thorough consideration of local industry needs. The specification and elements of assessment were jointly developed by the Chapter and international professionals.  The assessment procedure strictly makes reference to the relevant practice of ISA to ensure the quality of the assessment and security of examination materials.

The requirements, policy, procedures and assessments of the QCPT Programme is pitched at the requirements listed in the HKQF’s Level 2. Details of QCPT including the assessment scheme can be found in the following documents:

Interested candidatesplease download the Application Form below and follow the guideline for enrolling into the assessment.


PPE checking, inspection, disassembly, assembly and adjustment of chainsaw

Practical assessments designed to simulate real workscenarios

Pruning test

Written test