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Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground) Technician Assessment

New arrangement:

With the introduction of the “Registration Scheme for Tree Management Personnel” by the Development Bureau, from 1 August 2022, the QCPT qualification will be valid for at least 5 years from the first issuance. After 5 years from the first issuance of the qualification, the qualification will only be valid for the holder who possesses continuous relevant in-service record (minimum of 2.5 years relevant in-service records in the immediate past 5 years)

Chainsaw is one of the hand-held power tools with the highest risk. Chainsaws, especially gasoline-powered chainsaws, has been widely used by the Hong Kong tree industry on a daily basis, from tree felling to pruning. It is necessary for all chainsaw operators to possess sufficient safety awareness and skilled workmanship to meet the professional standards (e.g. pruning) and to keep tree work accidents to the minimal.

Government Recognised Qualification

The ISAHK Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground) Technician (QCPT) Programme is designed to assess and standardise the basic proficiency level required for on-ground chainsaw operation for the industry. QCPT is a recognised qualification by the government*. The Programme also facilitates clients (e.g. the Government) to appoint qualified practitioners in their contracts.

The QCPT Programme consists of written and practical assessments that assess a candidate’s experience in basic chainsaw usage, pruning techniques, and safety awareness in the work process. The requirements, policy, procedures and assessments of the QCPT Programme is pitched at the requirements listed in the HKQF’s Level 2.

*A new requirement in pruning was introduced to government maintenance contracts and all other works contracts to be invited from April 2015 and April 2016 onwards respectively. Under the new requirement, all workers undertaking tree pruning works involving the use of chainsaw for those contracts specified must have possessed the qualification recognised by the government.


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The development of QCPT Programme has gone through lengthy preparation with thorough consideration of local industry needs. The specification and elements of assessment were jointly developed by the ISA Hong Kong Chapter and international professionals. The assessment procedure strictly makes reference to the relevant practice of ISA to ensure the quality of the assessment and security of examination materials.

QCPT Candidate Requirements

In order to sit for the QCPT, all candidates must meet the following requirements:
1.  Age of 18 years or older;
2. With minimum 24-month practical experience in chainsaw operation and intensive usage of chainsaw in the most recent 6 months;
3. Possess all required personal protective equipment, a chainsaw in proper working condition and all tools and equipment required to maintain the chainsaw.

Individual Application Fees: 

Special Rate for Group Application: 

Details of QCPT Assessment:

Download Application Forms:

Please read the form and follow the guidelines thoroughly before submission.

Tailer-made Chainsaw Training:

ISAHK can provide tailer-made chainsaw training to staff or members of organisation / corporation, please feel free to contact us to discuss the details.

Assessment range (for reference)

PPE checking, inspection, disassembly, assembly and adjustment of chainsaw

Pruning test

Practical assessments designed to simulate real workscenarios

Written test

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