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Tree Management Award

Tree Management Award (TMA) is organized by International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Hong Kong Chapter. The event aims to recognise private property projects that excel in tree management, raise the awareness of tree preservation in the property management industry and encourage the industry to recognise the benefits of trees.

The tree management quality of the participating properties is assessed based on 6 criteria: Design and function of trees, tree management plan, quality of tree management, qualifications and experience of the tree management personnel, occupational safety and health and awareness of arboriculture to community.

  • Any private property achieves the required standard will be awarded. According to professional assessment, the award is categorized into three levels (Platinum, Gold, Merit).

By participating in the TMA, organizations can:

Enhance the corporate
brand image and demonstrate its commitment to
tree management and corporate social responsibility.


Obtain free professional advice on enhancing effectiveness of tree management initiatives from the technical consultant of the programme.


Enhance corporate competitiveness, encourage businesses in the industry to improve their operations in and be more concerned about the tree management.

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