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Tree Management Award 2021 

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Download leaflet:



  1. Tree planting plan, tree management plan, tree works record, tree risk assessment report, monthly maintenance record, safety plan and risk assessment, site photos (not more than 30), training record, CV and certificates of the arborist(s) and any other documents that you think are relevant in showing your efforts in managing the trees.

  2. Where can I upload the supporting documents for online submission? The google form for uploading documents is as follow:

  3. What if I want to change the information in the submitted online application form? You may now edit the form after submission prior to the deadline of the application period.

  1. 我應該準備什麼樣的文件? 樹木種植平面圖,樹木管理計劃,樹木工作記錄,樹木風險評估報告,每月的檢查紀錄,安全計劃和風險評估,現場照片(不超過30張),培訓記錄,樹藝師的履歷表及證書以及任何您認為與顯示您在管理樹上的工作有關的其他文件。

  2. 我可以在哪裡上傳網上提交文件? 用於上傳文檔的Google表單連結如下:

  3. 如果我想更改已提交的在線申請表中的資料怎麼辦? 現在,您可以在提交申請截止日期之前提交表格後對其進行編輯。

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