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Tree Appraisal Qualification course, 24-26 Nov 2023

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Tree Appraisal is a new concept to most of the arborists in Hong Kong but it has already been adopted in Australia, Europe, North America and other foreign regions for decades, applying to unexpected losses, tort claims, insurance claims, real estate assessment and proactive planning. This course is one of the only two tree appraisal qualifications recognized in North America (United States and Canada)

This program is offered by Arboriculture Canada, a renowned training organization based in Alberta, Canada, with a distinguished history spanning over 20 years. It presents an immersive training experience that delves into the fundamental concepts outlined in the Guide for Plant Appraisal. Through expert-led discussions and comprehensive case scenarios, participants will acquire a high level of proficiency in conducting appraisals, employing the diverse approaches detailed in the latest edition.


  • Enhanced credibility: The TPAQ credential elevates your professional credibility by showcasing your comprehensive understanding and practical application of appraisal approaches, methods, and techniques in your work. It serves as tangible evidence of your expertise in the field.

  • Differentiating yourself: Incorporating details about your TPAQ credential on your website, business cards, and promotional materials will distinguish you from your competitors. It serves as a valuable asset in showcasing your unique qualifications and setting you apart in the industry.

INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Dwayne Neustaeter

Dwayne Neustaeter Sr. served on the ISA subject matter expert panel who developed the ISA TRAQ credential and has been teaching ISA TRAQ courses since program inception. Dwayne developed a specialized Tree Dynamics and Integrated Risk Assessment course for Arboriculture Canada, where he focused on risk assessment for the safety of the tree workers performing the work. Dwayne’s goal is to further the safety of tree workers in our industry, and he has developed training materials to further this mission, as well as written many articles published by the industry. He currently serves on the ISA BCMA Test Committee and previously served on the ISA Test Committee, ISA Certification Board and as president of the ISA Prairie Chapter.

DATE: 24-26 Nov (Fri-Sun), 3 days

TIME: 9am-6pm

VENUE: Unit 1226A, 12/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, TST, Kowloon

CLASS SIZE: 20 ppl

CEU: 24 (CA/CTW/CAMS 24, BCMA Science 8, Practice 8, Management 8)



PAYMENT Our bank account: Hang Seng Bank: (Bank code 024) 789-314119-001 or FPS ID: 101827012 (ISA Hong Kong Chapter Ltd.) Please email the payment slip to


ASSESSMENT The assessment will take place on the third day of the course, and the training will culminate with an open-book exam designed to evaluate attendees' comprehension of the material and concepts covered. ELIGIBILITY No specific requirements are necessary to attend the program. However, individuals with experience in arboriculture, horticulture, forestry, landscape contracting, landscape architecture/design, property management, or insurance claims will particularly benefit from the training. REQUIRED TEXTBOOK The textbook is not included in the course materials. The mandatory text for the course is the Guide for Plant Appraisal 10th Edition, which should be read prior to attending the course. A digital version of the book is available for purchase at your own cost. You may also consider purchasing the hard copy (~HKD1200) with ISAHK. CERTIFICATE The qualification is issued by Arboriculture Canada and is in digital format. All participants who take our training will receive a Certificate of Completion and anyone who successfully completes the competency testing will receive a Technician’s Qualification Certification (recognized as TREE APPRAISER) in the discipline of testing. The qualification certificate is valid for three years and re-certification is required to maintain the qualification. RE-CERTIFICATE Arboriculture Canada offers the option of online delivery for individuals seeking to re-certify in the course. In the event that an individual does not pass the testing and wishes to retake the course, a discounted online course is available. Arboriculture Canada is committed to provide assistance throughout the re-certification process.


ISA credential holders will be offered 24 CEUs for attending the course.

For enquiry, please contact us at 3757 8078 or

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