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CEA Course under RSTMP – Implement Safe Work Procedures for A&H Work at Height

Updated: Sep 19

CEA Course under RSTMP – “Implement Safe Work Procedures for Arboricultural and Horticultural Work at Height”

樹木管理人員註冊制度認可的持續進修樹藝學課程 –「執行高空樹藝及園藝業的安全工作程序」

This recognized course targets to provide Continuing Education in Arboriculture (CEA) hours on Units of Competency (UoC) of the Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for Registered Tree Work Supervisor and Registered Chainsaw Operators under the Registration Scheme for Tree Management Personnel (RSTMP). Other Registered Tree Management Personnel under the RSTMP may participate for optional CEA hours. The course participants with 100% attendance and 70% passing score on the written assessment shall receive a certificate stating 3 CEA hours earned. ISA Certified Arborist can earn 2.25 CEU by attending this course.


Date 日期: 16.09.2023 (Sat 六)

19.09.2023 (Tue 二)

Time 時間: 14:00-17:00 (CEA 3.0 &/ CEU 2.25)

Location 地點:

YMCA Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village 香港中華基督教青年會烏溪沙青年新村

(2 On Chun Street, Ma On Shan, Shatin, N.T. 新界沙田馬鞍山鞍駿街2號)

Language 語言:

Bilingual (English and Chinese) materials supplemented with Cantonese


Registration 報名:

Deadline 截止日期: 04.09.2023 (Mon 一) 中午12:00nn

Registration Fee 費用:

HK$500 for non-member 非會員

HK$450 for ISAHK Ordinary/Corporate Member 一般/企業會員

HK$400 for ISAHK Professional/Student Member 專業/學生會員

Speaker 講者:

Mr. Ng Chi Hung, Tony 吳志雄先生

Hong Kong experienced and skillful tree worker, ISA Certified Arborist and Tree Worker Climber. Tony joined the LCSD in 1987, and has over 27 years of experience of practice in the arboriculture field. He had been LCSD Training School Arboricultural and Horticultural Course Conductor. He is currently Pro Tree Arboricultural Instructor, ISAHK Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground) Technician Evaluator.


Course Code under RSTMP 樹木管理人員註冊制度之課程編號:


Units of Competency 能力單元 (UoC)

“Implement Safe Work Procedures for Arboricultural and Horticultural Work at Height" (109054L3) under Functional Area “Occupational safety and health for A&H”


Registration Priority 優先報名對象

Given to Registered personnel under RSTMP, then second ISAHK members, and last with first come first serve principal.


Passing Requirements 合格要求

1. RSTMP CEA 樹木管理人員註冊制度之持續進修樹藝學習時數

Registered Tree Work Supervisor and Registered Chainsaw Operator under RSTMP are the target participants of the Course, which can apply for CEA hours under the key job function covered by the Course, while other Registered Tree Management Personnel under the RSTMP may participate for optional CEA hours. For registered personnel under RSTMP, upon completion of the course (100% attendance) and evaluation form, with at least 70% passing score on the assessment, captioned CEA hours should be granted.


2. ISA CEU國際樹木學會之持續進修學分

CEU will be granted to ISA Credential holders who meet at least 80% attendance rate.


*Please make sure that you have provided correct personal data and avoid attending course of repeated topic if any. Your RSTMP CEA and/or ISA CEU request will be the subject to be determined by related authorities and their decision should be final. 請確保閣下提供正確的個人資料及避免參與重覆主題的課程(如有)。閣下申請之樹木管理人員註冊制度之持續進修樹藝學習時數及或國際樹木學會之持續進修學分將由相關官方機構批核,而相關官方機構擁有最終決定權。

RSTMP Course Assessment 樹木管理人員註冊制度課程評核

Written assessment in Bilingual languages (English and Chinese) will be offered to RSTMP participants in the end of the course. The assessment will be given immediately at the end of the course. 16 multiple-choice questions will be required to complete in 20 mins. At least 70% score of total marks will be qualified as “PASS”.


Evaluation Form 問卷

To redeem the CEA, RSTMP participants must submit the evaluation form within 3 days after the course.


Enquiries 查詢

Should you have further questions, please contact ISA Hong Kong Chapter Office by following means.


Tel. 電話: +852 3757 8079

WhatsApp 手機短訊: +852 5596 8496

Email 電郵:

Personal Information Collection Statement 個人資料收集聲明

Once you registered our event, we consider you understand and accept the Personal Information Collection Statement of ISA Hong Kong Chapter. Details please refer to our website:


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