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Personal Information Collection Statement
of ISA Hong Kong Chapter

All collection of personal information must be restricted to “Cap. 486 Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” and “Personal Information Collection Statement of ISA Hong Kong Chapter”.



The collection of personal information and particular will be in use of


(1) verification and identification; 身份識別和驗證

(2) communication by all possible means with you including but not limited to phone, fax, email and/or mail; 透過電話、傳真、電郵、郵件等之一切可行之溝通用途

(3) administration, management and operation purposes; 服務於行政、管理及業務操作之目的

(4) payment purposes for any activities, services and/or products, including verification of credit card details with third parties; 在支付服務、產品及或活動費用之過程中使用,並可能涉及使用信用卡資料向第三方機構作驗證之用,包括信用卡公司、銀行等

(5) conduct marketing and promotion of activities, services, products, facilities and other subjects; 傳宣及推廣活動、服務、產品、設施及其他項目

(6) make disclosure while requested by any government, regulatory or law enforcement authority or administrative organization within or outside Hong Kong; 配合香港境內外之政府部門、監管機構、法律政策執行單位或行政組織執行有關指令

(7) conduct relevant action under demands on law, regulation, or court order of any jurisdiction. 配合法律、政策或法庭命令執行有關指令


It is necessary for you to supply with correct personal information and supporting documents to enable us to carry out the activities or services. Otherwise, we may be unable to carry out such activities or services and you must take full responsibilities to bear the aftermaths and risks if so.



You are entitled to demand access and renew your personal information held by us by sending request to You are required to send such demand in time or otherwise you should take full responsibilities for such demand.



There might be photo taking, video and sound recording during our activities. The photos, videos and sound collected might be in use on marketing and promotion purpose under selection. If you refuse the possible exposure of the photos, videos and sound collected to the public, please send us a written notice in advance of each activity.



The statement will be revised from time to time. You are responsible to review the statement from time to time. Once you engage in our services and/or activities, we consider you accept all terms and conditions declared in the latest version of the statement released.



If any dispute arises, our determination shall be final.



ISA Hong Kong Chapter



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