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Seminar/Webinar: Tree Appraisal - What Is a Tree Worth? 樹木估價 - 樹木價值為何?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

We all know trees have value. But how much are they worth? Tree Appraisal is a new concept to most of the arborists in Hong Kong but it has been used in Australia, Europe, North America and other foreign regions for decades, applying to unexpected losses, tort claims, insurance claims, real estate assessment or proactive planning.

This time Mike Leung, former President of ISA Hong Kong Chapter and ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, will share the importance of Tree Appraisal in different circumstances and will briefly introduce different tree value calculation approaches including the most popular “Trunk Formula” illustrated in the “Guide for Plant Appraisal 10th Edition”.


這次我們將邀請前國際樹木學會香港分部會長兼國際樹木學會註冊資深樹藝師梁永強先生分享樹木估價應用於不同場景的重要性,並將介紹計算樹木價值的不同方法,包括於「Guide for Plant Appraisal 10th Edition」中最常提到的「Trunk Formula」。

Seminar/Webinar(Mixed Mode) 實體/網路研討會(雙重模式)

Topic 講題: Tree Appraisal - What Is a Tree Worth? 樹木估價 - 樹木價值為何? Date 日期: 26.01.2023 (Thur 四) Time 時間: 19:30 – 21:30 (2 CEU) Language 語言: Cantonese 粵語

Registration 報名: Deadline 截止日期: 18.01.2023 (Wed 三) 中午12:00nn

Venue 場地: Unit 212, Hope Sea Industrial Centre, 26 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay 九龍灣臨興街26號富洋工業中心212室 *Also welcome to join in online format 亦歡迎透過網路形式參與

Registration Fee 報名費用: HK$300 for Non-Member 非會員; HK$200 for ISAHK Ordinary Member 一般會員; HK$160 for ISAHK Professional/Student Member 專業/學生會員

Speaker 講者: Mr. Leung Wing Keung Mike 梁永強先生

Mike Leung is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) and Tree Appraisal Qualified. With over 17-year experience working as Certified Arborist since 2006, he has worked in various regions such as Hong Kong and Winnipeg. He also has volunteered his time serving in different communities and had entitled as the Board of Directors of ISA Hong Kong Chapter during 2012 to 2021, and as the President of ISA Hong Kong Chapter during 2018 to 2020.



For ISA Credential holders who meet at least 80% attendance rate, CEU will be granted. Online participants should additionally input correct course code in evaluation form given.


Evaluation Form 問卷:

Online participants must complete the evaluation form in 3 days after the event. At the end of the course, a unique “course code” will be immediately announced to all participants. CEU will be granted to ISA Credential holders who join in online format Webinar with correct input of course code in the evaluation form.


Payment 費用:

Please settle your payment by bank transfer to the Hang Seng Bank account: 789-314119-001 (ISA Hong Kong Chapter Ltd), and copy your transfer slip with the full name, mobile and email of registrant to before the deadline. Please note that payment is not refundable and no change of registration accepted once the payment is settled.


*Or FPS 101827012 identifying ISA Hong Kong Chapter Ltd. 或轉數快 101827012 配對 ISA Hong Kong Chapter Ltd.

Mode of Participation 參與模式:

This event will be conducted in a physical venue. During the event, there will also be live streaming by Zoom. Therefore, participant may choose to attend a physical seminar (with limited quota) or join by Zoom Webinar.


Physical Format 實體形式:

The venue will be ready to enter 5 mins before the event begins. During the event, participants are required to register with duty officer to record the entry and leave time; wear their own masks; be aware of hygiene for both individual and the venue; and note that eating and drinking are forbidden in the venue. The event will be conducted in Unit 212, Hope Sea Industrial Centre, 26 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay.


*For a better arrangement, those who join this event in a physical format will also receive an access link to join in online format, in any case of individual emergency. 為避免報名實體形式的參加者臨時需要轉換為網路形式。報名實體形式的參加者均會提前獲得網路形式參與的連結。

*Those who join this event in a physical format have no need to remember the ISA-CEU course code nor to submit an evaluation form. 報名實體形式的參加者無須紀錄ISA-CEU課程編號或提交問卷調查。

Online Format 網路形式:

For online format to join, the access link to attend this webinar will be sent to your registered email address no later than 3 days before the webinar. If you did not receive the access link in due course, please contact the office for assistance. The access link is non-transferable and only allows one registeree to login in the moment, so please do not share the access link to others. Participants must make sure fluent Internet connection and effective devices to attend the course. You may test the link 15 mins before the webinar and feel free to contact us for office support during the test. The system will detect your login information automatically. If we trace that you did not login/attend the webinar in your true person, we reserve the right to cancel your CEU request. 透過網路形式參與的連結將會透過電郵於講座開始前三天發放予有關參加者。若閣下未能於指定時間獲得有關連結,請聯絡辦公室提供協助。請留意有關連結不可轉讓予他人,同時間每一個連結只能供一位參加者登入。參加者在參與活動期間須確保網路連線及設備有效。在活動開始前15分鐘,參加者可登入測試,如有需要可即時聯絡辦公室取得協助。系統將自動紀錄參加者的登入資訊,如發現參加者未曾參與活動或有異常登入情況,主辦機構可拒絕頒發有關持續進修學分。

Enquiries 查詢:

Should you have further questions, please contact ISA Hong Kong Chapter Office following means.


Tel. 電話: +852 3757 8079

WhatsApp 手機短訊: +852 5596 8496

*During the day of event, please contact at the captioned mobile for a prompt reply. 為了及時回覆,活動當天請以手提聯絡。

Personal Information Collection Statement 個人資料收集聲明:

Once you registered our event, we consider you understand and accept the Personal Information Collection Statement of ISA Hong Kong Chapter. Details please refer to our website:


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