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CEA Course under RSTMP – “Survey, Inspection and Risk Assessment”

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

This recognised course targets to provide Continuing Education in Arboriculture (CEA) hours on specified core competency areas for Registered Arborists and Registered Tree Risk Assessors under the Registration Scheme for Tree Management Personnel (RSTMP). The course participants with 100% attendance and passed the written assessment (passing score at 70%) shall receive a certificate stating 3 CEA hours earned. ISA Certified Arborist can earn 2.5 CEU by attending this webinar.

Date : 25 Feb 2022 (Fri)

Time : 19:00 – 22:00

Speaker : Mr. Wong Cheuk-yuet, Chiky (王卓粵先生)

Language : Cantonese

Media : Zoom

CEA : 3

CEU : 2.5

Content : 1) Develop and Evaluate Proposals of Tree Protection, Preservation, Transplantation and Removal;

2) Carry Out Aerial Tree Inspection

Deadline : 16 Feb 2022 12:00 noon

Course Code under RSTMP


Registration Priority

Given to registered arborists and tree risk assessors under RSTMP, then second ISAHK members, and last with first come first serve principal.

Passing Requirements

1. CEA

For registered arborists and tree risk assessors under RSTMP who meet 100% attendance rate with 70% score marks passed in the written assessment and complete the evaluation form given, 3 units of CEA will be granted.

2. CEU

For ISA Credential members who meet at least 80% attendance rate and input correct course code in evaluation form given, 2.5 units of CEU will be granted.

RSTMP Assessment

Online Assessment in English will be offered to RSTMP participants at the end of the course. RSTMP participants will receive a hyper link to access the online assessment. The online assessment will be given immediately at the end of the course. 15 multiple-choice questions will be required to complete in 20 mins. At least 70% score of total marks will be qualified as “PASS”.

Evaluation Form

Evaluation form will be sent out by email after the course. All participants must complete the evaluation form in 3 days once the form is sent. At the end of the course, a unique “course code” will be immediately announced to all participants. CEU will be granted to ISA Credential members with correct input of course code in the evaluation form.

Membership Discount

For ISAHK membership only, Ordinary / Student Members are benefited with 10% off, while Professional / Corporate Members with 20% off out of total course fee.

Course Fee

HK$400 for non-member

HK$360 for ISAHK Ordinary / Student Member

HK$320 for ISAHK Professional / Corporate Member


Payment method will be emailed to you once we verify your registration. Please note that payment is not refundable and no change of registration accepted once the payment is settled.

Access to Zoom

Participants must provide one email address during registration. To access the Zoom webinar, participants must login by only the registered email address. Participants must make sure fluent Internet connection and effective devices to attend the course.


Please contact ISA Hong Kong Chapter Office by phone at +852 3757 8079 or by email at

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