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【樹木管理大獎2021 頒獎典禮】




藉此,我們再次感謝各支持機構 - 發展局、英國特許房屋經理學會亞太分會、香港房屋經理學會及香港物業管理公司協會,及是次活動的評審 - 高嘉雲先生、車卓妍女士、蔡念祖先生及王卓粵先生,所得的支持和協助令是次活動順利地成功舉辦。


「Tree Management Award 2021 - Award Presentation Ceremony」

The Award Presentation Ceremony for " Tree Management Award 2021" organized by the International Society of Arboriculture – Hong Kong Chapter (ISAHK Chapter) was successfully been held on 3 December 2021. 44 entries were received for the event.

In the ceremony, we were honoured to have the representatives from the judge team to summarize the remarkable performance and the key notes for good tree management practices. The platinum award winners also shared their valuable experience in tree management.

We believe that the event helps enhance the public and the property management companies’ awareness on the importance of tree management particularly in housing estates. It also lets them understand good tree management definitely giving us a pleasant environment, preserving trees and ensuring public safety.

We would like to thank again the supporting organizations, Development Bureau, Chartered Institute of Housing Asian Pacific Branch, The Hong Kong Institute of Housing, and The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, and our Judge Team, Mr. Gavin S. Coates, Ms. Yasmin Chir, Mr. Kingsley Choi Lim-cho and Mr Chiky Wong Cheuk-yuet. For their support and assistance rendered, the event could be successfully held.

We will continue to organize different types of activities with a view to promote good tree management practices to the public and the associated trades.

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