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電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師資歷評估 (23/05/2021)
Webinar: Flowers and Fruits - the Key to Tree Identification on Apr 23
Booking Selling 2021
TRAQ course and assessment, Jun 3-5, 2021
Tree Management Award 2021
ISA Certified Tree Worker (CTW) Climber Specialist Skills Exam on 18 April 2021
ISA Written Exam, 10 April 2021

To access the list of Hong Kong ISA arborists - On the ISA's Arborist Search page, choose "Find an Arborist"   then select Hong Kong at the Country list under "Search by Location".


To verify an arborist's ISA credential - choose "Verify a Credential", and search by either the arborist's name or certification number.

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Tree Management Award 2021

Tree Management Award 2021 樹木管理大獎2021

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