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電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師資歷評核 (26/5/2024)

政府認可資歷 國際樹木學會香港分部電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師(QCPT)資歷旨在評估及規範電油鋸操作人員在地上操作的基本能力。QCPT為政府認可之資歷*。資歷亦為聘請合資格人員進行相關工程的單位(如政府部門)提供技能程度的參考。

​QCPT評核包括筆試和操作試,旨在評核考生電油鋸的安全使用、修剪技術及過程中的安全意識。QCPT的有關要求、政策、程序及評核,均參照香港政府的資歷架構二級水平(HKQF’s Level 2)的要求。

*政府在2015年4月1日或以後政府招標的綠化保養項目及2016年4月1日或以後招標的所有其他工程項目已引入樹木修剪的新規定。在新規定下,操作電油鏈鋸進行樹木修剪的工人必須持有政府認可之資歷。 了解更多,請 按此

國際樹木學會香港分部 - 電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師資歷評核 (26/5/2024)

國際樹木學會香港分部將於五月舉行國際樹木學會香港分部 - 電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師資歷評核,詳情如下:

評估日期:2024年5月26日(日)(筆試及操作試) 申請截止日期:2024年5月20日(一) 時間:9:00 am 地點:大埔 個人報名費用 非會員 HK$2,500


專業會員 HK$2,100

團體/小組專享報名優惠 國際樹木學會香港分部 (ISAHK) 可為機構或企業安排,為其所屬之員工、學生或會員進行香港分部電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師(QCPT)資歷團體/小組評核。 個人考生4人或以上亦可申請團體/小組評核,以享團體/小組專享報名優惠。

4-7名考生 HK$2,000/人

8名考生或以上 HK$1,750/人

ISAHK 可為團體/企業之員工或會員提供度身訂造的鏈鋸培訓,歡迎與本會聯絡洽談。

了解更多關於電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師資歷評核及報名,請 按此 認證委員會 國際樹木學會香港分部 Government Recognised Qualification

The ISAHK Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground) Technician (QCPT) Programme is designed to assess and standardise the basic proficiency level required for on-ground chainsaw operation for the industry. QCPT is a recognised qualification by the government*. The Programme also facilitates clients (e.g. the Government) to appoint qualified practitioners in their contracts.

The QCPT Programme consists of written and practical assessments that assess a candidate’s experience in basic chainsaw usage, pruning techniques, and safety awareness in the work process. The requirements, policy, procedures and assessments of the QCPT Programme is pitched at the requirements listed in the HKQF’s Level 2.

*A new requirement in pruning was introduced to government maintenance contracts and all other works contracts to be invited from April 2015 and April 2016 onwards respectively. Under the new requirement, all workers undertaking tree pruning works involving the use of chainsaw for those contracts specified must have possessed the qualification recognised by the government. For more details, please click HERE. Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground-based) Technician (QCPT) Assessment 26 May 2024 The upcoming assessment for Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground-based) Technician (QCPT) will be held in the coming May 2024 - details as follows: Assessment Date: 26 May 2024 (Sunday) [For both written & practical assessment] Application Deadline: 20 May 2024 (Monday) Time: Starting from 9:00am Venue: Tai Po Individual Application Fee

Non Member HK$2,500

Ordinary MemberHK$2,400

Professional MemberHK$2,100

Special Rate for Group Application Organisation/Corporation may apply to ISA Hong Kong Chapter (ISAHK) to arrange a group Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground) Technician (QCPT) Assessment for their employees, students or members. Individual candidates in a group of 4 or above can also apply for group for assessment to enjoy the special rate for group application.

Group of 4-7 candidatesHK$2,000/person

Group of 8 candidates or aboveHK$1,750/person

ISAHK can provide tailer-made chainsaw training to staff or members of organisation/corporation, please feel free to contact us to discuss the details. For more about QCPT Assessment and application, please click here. Certificate Committee ISA Hong Kong Chapter

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