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重要更新 及 最新評核日期 : 國際樹木學會香港分部 - 電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師資歷評估 (9/10/2022)

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

國際樹木學會香港分部 - 電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師資歷評估 (9/10/2022)

針對行業和專業所需,國際樹木學會香港分部(ISAHK)舉辦電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師QCPT資歷項目。有關的要求、政策、過程、程序及評估,參照香港政府的資歷架構二級水平(HKQF’s Level 2)之要求及評估程序。QCPT資歷符合政府樹木修剪新規定,並已獲得發展局樹木管理辦事處(TMO)的認可。

國際樹木學會香港分部將於十月舉行國際樹木學會香港分部 - 電油鋸及修剪(地上)技師資歷評估,詳情如下:



時間:9:00 am

地點:大埔 報名表﹕_下載_





Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground-based) Technician (QCPT) Assessment Oct 9, 2022

ISAHK developed a Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground) Technician (QCPT) Program. The requirements, policy, procedures and assessments of the QCPT Programme are pitched at the requirements listed in the HKQF’s Level 2. QCPT Qualification meets government's new requirements of tree pruning work, and is recognized by the Tree Management Office (TMO) of Development Bureau.

The upcoming assessment for Qualified Chainsaw and Pruning (Ground-based) Technician (QCPT) will be held in the coming Oct 2022 - details as follows:

Assessment Date: 9 Oct 2022 (Sunday) [For both written and practical assessment]

Application Deadline: 30 Sep 2022 (Friday)

Time: Starting from 9:00am

Venue: Tai Po Application Form: Download here

Retake Application Form: Download here

For more about QCPT Assessment and application, please click here.

Certificate Committee

ISA Hong Kong Chapter

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