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ISA Certified Tree Worker (CTW) Climber Specialist Skills Exam on 3 Apr 2022

Hosted by the ISA Hong Kong Chapter, the upcoming skills exam (i.e. practical part only) of the ISA Certified Tree Worker (CTW) Climber Specialist will be held in coming April - details as follows: Exam Date: 3 April 2022 (Sunday) Estimated Exam Time: 09:00 – 17:00 Location of Venue: Fanling **IMPORTANT NOTES** According to the requirements of the exam venue, all candidates entering the venue for participating in the Skills Exam will be required to have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. *重要事項* 根據場地要求,所有進入場地參加技術考試之考生,必須最少已接種了一劑新冠疫苗。

  • All applicants must have certificate in first-aid course recognized in Hong Kong.

  • In the application of the exam, candidate shall include both sides of the first-aid certification card (the paper certificate for AMS first-aid course shall also be included) with the full name of the first aid course clearly shown in the above document.

Please click here for the application guide (Please read the guide carefully before application).

- Please register the skills exam through the ISA website

Registration Deadline: 15 March 2022

For enquiries, please address to certification@isahongkong.orgor contact us at 37578078.

Please note that the exam may be cancelled or postponed for unforeseen event such as the hoisting of typhoon signal no. 8 or higher, Black Rainstorm Warning Signal in force, or for any other reason beyond our control, if such event happens 2 hours before the exam time. The candidate can call 5228 5526 on the exam date to make sure of any uncertainty. The exam may carry on according to in-situ condition in rainy day or day with thunderstorm.

All exam candidates are required to be responsible for their personal safety. Candidates are also advised to prepare their own insurance for personal accident. Candidates attending the Skills Exam shall explicitly agree to this requirement, before taking the exam.

Best regards,

Certification Committee

ISA Hong Kong Chapter

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